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Austerity Politics


Since 2009, Greece has found itself at the epicentre of world attention, as it has been rocked by the worst economic crisis of its modern history. With the situation still unfolding and the crisis undermining the stability of the Eurozone and global markets, the economic wisdom, the political consequences and the social sustainability of the austerity packages introduced remain the subject of heated debate. This website presents original research on the the origins, management and implications of the Greek crisis, in a comparative context, aiming to generate new theoretical perspectives about the politics of austerity within and beyond Greece.

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New Book on Austerity Politics


A new edited volume investigates the framing, policies and politics of extreme austerity in Greece in a comparative context. Read more from Palgrave Macmillan here.


Greek Economic Crisis Study


Funded by the British Academy, a new study analyses the political and voting behaviour of Greek citizens in the context of the economic crisis and austerity politics. Read more here.

Anti-Austerity Protest


A new wave of protest is sweeping through the world. This research explores the drivers of anti-austerity protest in Greece and maps the profile of protesters. Read more here.

Migrant Protest


Funded by the Carnegie Trust, this study draws on face-to-face interviews with migrant protesters, who participated in a hunger-strike in Greece in 2011. Read more here.